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Therapeutic Colour Wheels

Making a colour wheel is one of the first things we learn about when doing art at school. Learning about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours and what can happen when we mix them together, what are cool and warm colours. This can be a good first step of getting back into being creative if this is something we have fallen away from.

Why not try creating a simple colour wheel using some colours that you feel a connection too, for example look at the colour wheel above as an idea. You can add any colours and be creative with drawings or pictures in each piece of the chart. This could be done on a daily basis, so in the morning and then at night, creating the chart on how you are feeling at that point in making it.

By then looking back and reflecting at one you made in the morning to later in the afternoon you can think of what changed and what was the trigger or reason for this change in mood. This can help us on days when we aren't feeling ourselves we can make this chart throughout the day and then reflect on what has helped if our mood improves so we can keep this in our memory for other days like this. Learning to know what our triggers are or what things we can do to change our mood is a small step to learning more about ourselves and our minds.

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