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Creating your own Comfort Pillows

Now that lock-down is easing many of people are feeling over joyed about seeing their families and friends again. But for many of us although we have missed the luxury of being able to see others and go to shops, bars, restaurants it has been a long few months and built up behind this sense of joy can be anxieties. These worries and anxieties of meeting others or going to a shop hasn't been a norm for some time now and leaves us with feelings of fear and concern and can be emotionally overwhelming.

There are so many new rules as we enter into this 'new normal' way of living. We need to allow ourselves time to adjust and take baby steps into getting back to social interactions and a day to day way of living. A way that I find can help is through making comfort pillows.

These are seen as very small pillows that we can fit into our pocket, stuffing it with cotton wool and some things like lavender, scented items, a written note or word. Something that you feel will be a representation of comfort and safety for you. This you can then take with you as you begin to take baby steps out of your home for walks, or to shops or meeting friends. If you feel anxious when out then you can reach into your pocket and either hold, feel, or smell this small pillow that will remind you of home and your safe place, helping to lesson these anxieties and to calm your inner worries in a soothing technique.

These pillows are very simple to make and you only need a few household items:-

  • Some scrap material

  • cotton wool balls

  • needle and thread

To create a small pillow, you need to cut your material to size, usually two pieces of the same size. Turning them inside out you sew them together at 3 sides, leaving one side not stitched. Then turning the pillow to the outside you can stuff it with cotton wool balls and anything else you wish to put into it. Once done then stitch the last side over, sealing everything inside. If you are using plain fabric you can create your own design or pattern onto it before you sew the pillow together.

Just remember that it's okay to not feel okay, and finding ways that we can support ourselves or others can make a huge difference in the mental health and wellbeing of those around us and ourselves. Even if it's a small step, it's a small step in the right direction.

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