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Artist Projects

Outside Mural Project (2013)

I spent some time working alongside male patients in a low secure unit, along with two Occupational therapists. We planned an art mural for the bare outdoor space that many of them spent their only time outside in. They wanted to brighten the space up with colours and images that they could spend time looking at during their outdoor breaks.
The group came up with an idea of the 4 seasons and looking at the changes in seasons. The plan was drawn up onto the wall with chalk and then helped to paint with the support of all in the group. Through doing this project I gained more experience and knowledge of people with mental health who live in a low secure environment and helping them gain new skills.

Creative Playtime Project (2014)

This was a collaborative project amongst 5 artists, working with a group of children from a SEBN (Social, Emotional and Behavioural Needs) School and the staff. Over a period of 3 months, we took the children out of school settings to a large greenhouse where the children through their own imagination and ideas created large sculptures and dens. Working together and having support from their teachers and the artists, the children began to build trust and positive relationships with each other. Communication and confidence also appeared to grow as the children worked together to create the dens and in the end planning and putting together an exhibition in the school where they invited their parents, families and school peers and staff. This was a valuable and creative experience for everyone involved and allowed these children to feel proud of their work and accomplishments.


The photographs in this video have been taken by myself from 2014 until the present. These are images where I found the shapes, colour, light, and space very interesting. Using a camera or phone, these have been taken from places all over the world from Scotland to Rome, to Savanah.

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