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About Me

"I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better" - Frida Kahlo

Since 2020 I have been working as an Art Psychotherapist and Counsellor with Wellbeing Scotland. Working with children ages 5 - 17 years of age on a one to one basis. Using a counselling approach and art psychotherapy intervention depending on the clients needs, working with them to build on relationships, trust, dealing with loss, anger, or trauma. 

I am also working as a team leader and an Art Psychotherapist with Healing for the Heart charity in Glasgow, running a pilot study project on working with groups of children and individuals in a school setting using an Art Psychotherapeutic Intervention approach to look at resilience and relationships in young children. Also offering a group for their family or carers. Working also with referrals in the organisations base who work mainly with people who have suffered from loss and/ or trauma.

About Me: About Me

Previous Experience

  • Art Psychotherapist in mainstream schools and SEBN (Social, Emotional, Behavioural Needs) schools (primary and secondary) in North Lanarkshire (2017 - 2020) Working with children ages 5 - 17 years of age on a one to one basis and in groups. Using an art psychotherapy intervention to work with the child to build on relationships, trust, dealing with loss, anger, or trauma. Working with a client-led approach to the sessions, where the work can be either short or long term depending on the client's needs.

  • Art Therapy in Low Secure Unit (2016) -  I worked within an NHS secure unit in central Scotland where I facilitated art psychotherapy intervention to patients with severe mental health issues. Presentations included challenging and aggressive behaviour, complex trauma, significant levels of abuse, personality disorder, anxiety and depression. Adhering to NICE and SIGN guidelines I assessed and treated patients accordingly to their presentation to ensure patients received care appropriate to their needs. Utilising Judith Herman's theory of recovery to supported patients to meet their therapeutic goals which I believe to be essential to the patients healing process.  

  • Art Workshop in Hospital (2014) - I undertook art workshops in the hospital facility for adults with complex mental health needs at a Hospital in North Lanarkshire. Many of the patients were there for about 2 years and most of them have schizophrenia or other mental illnesses. I facilitated small groups and had a brief plan of what workshops would be done each week, creating plans and working together.

  • Art Workshop in Community Centre (2013) - Volunteering at this charity were I worked with older individuals who have disabilities at the day centre which is provided for them. I planned and actively doing held the workshops for the people who attend the centre. The social aspect was the big thing for these older people who found it hard to interact with others.

  • Project Ability (2013) - This included me participating in a volunteering programme at the projectability workshops in Glasgow Trongate, whereby I worked one to one with a group of children who had mental and physical disabilities such as autism and cerebral palsy. The children were able to come in and decide what they wanted to do on their own, such as painting, drawing, or using materials such as clay & felt or alternatively just enjoy reading some books. It was such a rewarding and enlightening experience and I felt so privileged to work with such talented children. There was always such a positive and relaxed atmosphere and from the minute the children enter the room they were always so enthusiastic and delighted to be there.  

I have also worked on a few more projects that you will find in the Art Project area of this website. Since 2013 I have also been a carer for young people with learning disabilities and in a Respite Centre for children and adults with mild to severe learning and physical disabilities.

About Me: About Me

Courses and Qualifications


  • 2021 - Complex Trauma and Art Therapy - Working with Looked after Children

  • 2020 - Philosophy Works Course

  • 2020 - ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Online Training Course

  • 2020 - Working with the Impact of Severe Trauma by Andy Gray

  • 2019 - Working with Relational Trauma: Dealing with Disorganised Attachment

  • 2019 - PTSD and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) course

  • 2018 - Introduction to Schema Therapy

  • 2018 - Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • 2017 - Foundation course in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

  • 2017 - Art Therapy and Mentalization Training


  • 2021 - Accredited Companion in Running Seasons for Growth Groups

  • 2016 - MSc in Arts Psychotherapy

  • 2013 - First Class Degree/Honours in Contemporary Arts

  • 2011 - HNC/HND in Fine Art

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