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Jupiter Artland

Found on the outskirts of Edinburgh is this huge outdoor exhibition of installations and art pieces from many artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Jim Lambie, Nathan Coley, Laura Ford and Peter Liversidge. The charity organisation runs on the ticket and membership income which goes straight back into the art projects and learning programme that they run. They also over free school, college and university visits each year.

It is such a humble space, and great to get outdoors, looking at how the artists created the pieces of work based on the area that they are in. Spending time reflecting on the art is something I found therapeutic when going here, getting ideas for thought and inspiration from the many pieces of art that can be found.

It is a great place to take children, but is for anyone who loves or is interested in nature, art, installations, walking, the outdoors and in general a good place for some self-reflection and to create your own art as you walk around the site. As you walk around you will find many of their art pieces, some hidden along the trail. Below are some images that I took from my many trips to this place.

You can also find the link to their website here.....

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